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Result Objects

Breaking down the various fields in a search result.

Service Results (which will appear when your service is selected in a toolbar) are composed of the following fields:



The service for this result, will be used more heavily in future versions of our API.


Determines how our cards are formatted, currently we support: default, media. See below for additional details about media.


The large title to be displayed for this result.


The smaller sub-title which goes under the larger title for this result.


The result's corresponding url.


This can be a combination of things - when a user clicks on the card this is the text that is outputted.


Important Used for caching purposes and to uniquely identify a card, must be unique.


An image to show for this result's card. See notes about display_type media below.

Here's an example of what a search result object looks like with an explanation of the basic fields below.

    "subtitle": "LastWeekTonight",
    "uid": "nh0ac5HUpDU",
    "service": "youtube",
    "title": "Last Week Tonight With John Oliver: Brexit Update (HBO)",
    "url": "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nh0ac5HUpDU",
    "image": {
      "url": "https://i.ytimg.com/vi/nh0ac5HUpDU/mqdefault.jpg",
      "width": "",
      "size": "",
      "height": ""
    "detail": {
      "duration": "4:51",
      "date": "0 Days Ago",
      "view_count": "1,425,835",
      "channel": "LastWeekTonight",
      "views": "1.4M"
    "display_type": "default",
    "output": "Last Week Tonight With John Oliver: Brexit Update (HBO) \nhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nh0ac5HUpDU"

Display Types

Display Type


The media display type is currently only used for images (with/without alpha) and GIFs. This allows the user to directly copy the image provided in the image field so they can paste it in a message.


The Default cells have an image, a click-through link, and some detail (described in detail above)

The Detail Field

Currently it's only sparsely used in our cards, here is the current list of somewhat universal detail sub-fields.



Result Objects

Breaking down the various fields in a search result.